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At River Heights Veterinary Hospital, we believe preventive health care is the best way to insure that your pet remains happy and healthy. We also believe that each pet is a family member, with individual and unique medical, dental, and nutritional needs.

You can expect a Veterinary Technician at every scheduled appointment to assist the doctor. As a team they will answer any of your questions pertaining to the health and maintenance of your four-legged family member. Our technicians work hard as a liaison between you and the doctor to address any of your concerns, “coach” or demonstrate the best ways to take care of your companion animal and are available by telephone when you need them.

Wellness Care Services

Annual Examinations

All pets should be examined at least annually by your veterinarian. Remember our pets age about seven times faster than we do, so older pets( >8 years of age) should be examined even more often. A comprehensive examination is the single most important service we can provide our pets to help diagnose disease early and to determine the best time for them to be treated. Depending upon the age of your pet and results of his/her examination, blood tests or other diagnostics may be recommended as part of regular wellness care and disease prevention.


Vaccinating your dog or cat protects him or her against a wide variety of infectious diseases. Our staff will discuss with you a vaccination program that is appropriate for your individual pet. At River Heights Veterinary Hospital, we do not believe that one vaccination program is correct for all pets. We do not believe in over-vaccinating dogs or cats. Mature, healthy pets that are not at excessive risk are generally vaccinated on an extended-three year schedule as directed by the American Animal Hospital Association. We understand that your pet is unique and needs a vaccination program specific to him/her.

Heartworm and Parasite Prevention

All dogs in our region should be on a heartworm and intestinal parasite preventive year round. Administration is as easy as a once-a-month chewable tablet. The American Heartworm Society suggests that cats too should be on a monthly parasite preventative.

Annual screening for intestinal parasites is important to detect intestinal parasites that threaten your pet’s health and children in the family. It is performed on a walnut-sized stool sample. Testing is performed at a veterinary specific laboratory using the most accurate (centrifugation) technique and all results are reported to pet owners the following day.

Senior Care

Age is not a disease! But just as women over the age of forty require more frequent mammograms and men have regular prostate exams, our senior pets also have special needs. We accept that our dogs age at a rate of 5-7 “human years” for one “pet year”. What we often fail to recognize is that this means that diseases progress 5-7 times faster than in people. As your pet grows older we recommend that “wellness visits” become more frequent and that we see your pet at least twice a year (every 6 months) for senior bloodwork and senior care. Our “Senior Profile” includes kidney and liver tests, complete blood cell counts, thyroid function, and urinalysis. This profile is used to screen for systemic abnormalities that may be present without any symptoms or that are not apparent on your pet’s physical examination.


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